The Sinai Peninsula .. Land

– The Sinai Peninsula .. Land of turquoise reports and dialogues…/6e6e0ac0-d9ae-488e-8d55-9c538cabe2bf
August 6 (August 2012) – Sinai Peninsula or land of turquoise as many like to call it, is the strategic location of Egypt, and Muftahaa in heart Bakarath world and civilizations, which is also the focus of communication between …
News about Sinai

Clinton urges Israel and Egypt to communicate on Sinai
Sunrise – 6 hours ago
Noland said, “Clinton spoke with Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr and stressed the importance of work transparently with the publication of Cairo planes and tanks in the Sinai for the first time since a peace treaty in 1979 …

Alleged Israeli official: Egyptian tanks entered the Sinai without coordination with Israel
The seventh day – since Day 1
Sinai today: the story of the attack on the troops, “eagle” .. And the arrest of the formation of neurotic Palestinian Sheikh Zuwaid .. Israeli and anger!
Ahram – 5 days ago

News – process Sinai .. Egyptian security and Israeli concern reports and dialogues
► ►…/4e248d08-8231-4152-917c- … Aljdidmund Day 1
Raised ongoing Egyptian military operations in the Sinai sensation in the Egyptian and Israeli circles, while Cairo considers that the right to protect its national security in the Sinai, says …
Israel demands Egypt withdraw its tanks from Sinai
► ►…/ … Aljdidmund 2 days
Israel demanded that Egypt bring the tanks entered the Sinai without prior coordination with a view to prosecution wanted security. The newspaper “Maariv” that this request transfer to the side …
More videos for Sinai
Egypt refuses to withdraw its troops and military mechanisms of Sinai> Egypt
Since Day 1 – security source confirmed that he will not be withdrawing any heavy equipment or military vehicles of Sinai response … The source for “republic” that military vehicles continue to perform combat missions in the Sinai …
First – serious decisions to Sinai and development projects to improve the living
2 days ago – said: The Sinai in the heart, and is in the strongest interest of the State, and that security and stability will return once again to the Sinai, said in a telephone conversation with Sheikh Abdullah Jhamh Chairman …
First – resettlement million people in central Sinai and the discovery of a water tank in the desert … / The% 20First/News/166462.aspx
5 days ago – resettled million people in central Sinai and the discovery of a water tank Western Sahara fit for drinking and agriculture.
First – raiding the homes of 120 required security in the Sinai
Since Day 1 – raid the homes of 120 required security in the Sinai. … Yasser Ali that Egypt did not reach any position or a formal protest by Israel on the Egyptian military buildup in the Sinai.
The delegation – Noor: Army donated for the development of Sinai surprising> News and Reports> political street
3 days ago – showed d. Ayman Nour, chairman of the Revolutionary Party tomorrow, surprised the Egyptian army donated billion pounds for the development of Sinai, saying that it legitimate question Ithiralamat about budget forces …
The delegation – “Zachary” flying Sinai Development Research for “jellyfish”> News and Reports> Local
3 days ago – scientific research guidance to all research centers and institutes affiliated to the ministry collects research and scientific studies.
Events Sinai and the latest news pictures and video | eyes Egypt…/
August 6 (August 2012) – follow you latest news and events Sinai now and the day after the unfortunate events that occurred yesterday and the death of sixteen soldiers and officers with pictures and video Egyptian Rafah attacked yesterday during …
Photos Sinai
– Report to inform photos

3 days ago

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